Here is a list of events we have scheduled...Please inquire if you date is available.  We have more than one slot a day available!!!

2016 Events
Congrats to everyone!!!

December 19th Alexis and Sean
May 21st Laura and Greg
May 28th Alaisa and Matt
June 3rd Stephanie and Alex
June 4th Katie and Lindsey
June 5th Sarah
June 10th Tiffany and Robert
June 11th Leann and Brandon
June 18th Kellie and Aric
June 25th Samantha and Erik
July 1st Maia
July 2nd Megan and Jeff
July 9th Michelle and Scott
July 15th Shreve and Jacob
July 16th Tara and Chris
July 23rd Emily and Kyle
July 29th Rebecca and Scott
July 30th Tarah and Ian
August 5th Charity and Andrew
August 6th Katelyn and Matt
August 6th Michelle
August 12th Ember and Grant
August 13th Carrie and Will
August 14th Amy and Sean
August 19th Kelsey and Peyton
August 26th Kristy and Jon
August 27th Kelsey and Chris
August 28th Katy and Jake
August 28th Yan and Doug
September 3rd Kaylee and Jon
September 4th Carly and Aric
September 10th Maureen and Michael
September 16th Tara and Jonathan
September 18th Molly and Nikolas
September 24th Carli and Hallie
October 1st Jessica and John
October 14th Kira and Justin
October 15th Emerald and Dillion
October 16th Mattie and Garrett
October 16th Katherine

2015 Events
Congrats to everyone!!!

March 22nd Hannah and Danny
May 30th Jessica
June 6th Kaylee and Doug
June 12th Alyx and Nick
June 13th Carmen and Tyler
June 13th Cheyenne and Matt
June 14th Macy and Ronnie
June 19th Jenna and Josh
June 20th  Amy and Jason
June 27th Katie
July 10th Ana and Travis
July 11th Jessica and Craig
July 12h Michelle
July 17th Alaska Airlines EAF charity auction
July 18th Stephanie and Jared
July 18th Alaska Airlines EAF golf tournament
July 19th Vicki and Jeff
July 24th Allison and Isaiah
July 25th Shelby and Matt
July 26th Ali and Richard
July 31st Alicia and Christopher
August 1st Nicole and Stephen
August 2nd Allison and Sanji
August 8th Manda and Mark
August 8th Lizabeth
August 9th Sheryl
August 15th Stevelle and Joe
August 16th Amanda and Cai
August 21st Erica and Jeremy
August 22nd Becky and Matt 
August 28th Irina and Tyson
August 29th Ashley and Patrick
August 30th Stephanie and Jared
September 5th Annaka and Rob
September 6th Amanda and Thomas
September 12th Ashley
September 13th Deone and Carl
September 19th Mindy and Scott
September 20th Ashley and Ed
September 26th Olivia and Christopher
October 2nd Danielle and Jon
October 3rd Nicole and Ryan
October 9th Stasie and Jesse
October 10th Cathy and Steelman
October 11th Autumn
October 17th Tayte and Hunter
October 18th Shea and Jesse

2014 Events
Congrats to everyone!!!

February 23rd Sarah and Kyle
March 22nd Chelsea and Jeff
June 7th Pam and Ricky
June 14th Krystal and Joe
June 20th Kelsea and Gabe
June 21st Janae and Nick
June 28th Katy and Chris
June 29th Rachel and Chris
July 5th Kate and Jon
July 6th Kristin and Frank
July 12th Amber and Robbie
July 12th Jessica and Mike
July 18th Jaime and Brandon
July 18th Alaska Airlines EAF Charity Auction
July 19th Ashley and Nicholas
July 19th Alaska Airlines EAF Golf Tournament
July 20th Kristina and Cody
July 25th Jenna and Brandin
July 26th Nicole
July 26th Kate and Guy
July 27th Lacey and Josh
August 2nd Jamie and Chris
August 3rd Krystal and Nathan
August 3rd Leah and Andrew
August 8th Ann Marie
August 9th Lacey and Greg
August 10th Heather
August 16th Ali and John
August 17th Marissa and Matthew
August 23rd Megan and Ryan
August 24th Jeannie
August 30th Jessica and Phillip
August 31st Breonna and Daniel
September 6th Jen and Jake
September 13th Erika and Michael
September 21st Krista
September 27th Kellie
September 28th Kirstie
October 4th Mckenzie and Aiden
October 11th Lacey and Michael

2013 Events
Congrats to everyone!!!

January 12th Julie and Keetons Retirement party
February 13th Wedding Jessica
March 23rd Wedding Kaja and Joe
June 1st Wedding Janna and Ryan
June 2nd Wedding Nakia and Jake
June 8th Wedding Elise and Derek
June 15th Wedding Christine and Todd
June 21st Wedding Bethany and Octavio
June 22nd Wedding Kristen and Jorden
June 23rd Wedding Hope and Joe
June 29th Wedding Melissa and Phil
July 5th Wedding Shannon and Paul
July 6th Wedding Jessica and Shane
July 12th Wedding Anna and Isaac
July 13th Wedding Ashley and Nate
July 13th Wedding Lindsay and Ben
July 14th Wedding Jorden and Jorden
July 19th Alaska Airlines EAF Charity Auction
July 19th Wedding Natalia and Jeff
July 20th Alaska Airlines EAF Golf Tournament
July 21st Wedding Ashley and Greg
July 27th Wedding Krystal and Tim
July 28th Wedding Jennifer and Damien
August 2nd Wedding Christine and Joseph
August 3rd Wedding Shauna and Brent
August 4th Wedding Vanessa and Tjay
August 9th Brooke and Jonathan
August 10th Wedding Stephanie and Amelia
August 11th Katie and Brian
August 16th Ashley and Michael
August 17th Wedding Heather and Mike
August 18th Wedding Megan and Jason
August 22nd Wedding Janine and Braxton
August 23rd Wedding Ashley and Aaron
August 24th Wedding Christine and Brian
August 25th Wedding Amanda and Travis
August 30th Wedding Megan and Cory
August 31st Wedding April and Crystal
September 7th Wedding Jenny and Ryan
September 13th Wedding Lauren and James
September 14th Wedding Sara and Matt
September 15th Wedding Heather and Kenn
September 21st Wedding Breanna and Don
September 28th Wedding Amanda and Evan
September 29th Wedding Cierra and Erik
October 5th Wedding Nicole and Besmond
2012 Events
Congrats to everyone!!!
June 23rd Wedding Tiffany and Sean
June 24th Wedding Alisha and Aaron
July 7th Wedding Meghan and Landis
July 7th Wedding Nicole and Stephan
July 13th Wedding Mollie and Wil
July 14th Wedding Brittany and Chris
July 14th Wedding Leandra and Sam
July 15th Wedding Angie and Matt
July 20th Alaska Airlines EAF Charity Auction
July 20th Wedding Shannon and Brad
July 21st Alaska Airlines EAF Golf Tournament
July 21st Wedding Lindsey and Rob
July 22nd Wedding Brienna
July 27th Wedding Jessica and David
July 28th Wedding Stephanie and Joey
August 3rd Wedding Jennifer
August 4th Wedding Stella and Jay
August 10th Wedding Brittany and Nick
August 11th Wedding Kaleena
August 11th Wedding Andrea and Craig
August 12th Wedding Jackie and Chad
August 17 Wedding Bethany and Ryan
August 18th Wedding Jessica and Nate
August 24th Wedding Jennifer and Jason
August 25th Wedding Brandi
August 26th Wedding Susan and Michael
August 31st Wedding Nadia and Zach
September 1st Wedding Meghan and Josh
September 7th Wedding Ginelle and Joey
September 8th Wedding Heidi and Leif
September 8th Wedding Lauren and Nick
September 9th Wedding Lorina and Alex
September 14th Wedding Hayley and Jeff
September 15th Wedding Gracie and Steve
September 22nd Wedding Kelly and Craig
September 23rd Wedding Danielle and Matt
September 28th Wedding Brandi and Catherine
September 29th Wedding Nichelle and Reed
October 6th Wedding Stephanie and John
October 13th Baby shower at Wine and Roses
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